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I am a Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher. I also draw upon my teachings as a Holistic Aura Healer, Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Therapist, and I am a qualified 2012&Beyond Teacher of the Diana Cooper School.

Since 1999 I have completed courses in: Conversations With God, Meditation, Psychic Development, Yoga Teacher Training, Angels, Chakras, Crystal Healing, Psychic Surgery, Distant Healing, Vipassana Silent Retreats, Breathwork, Sweat Lodges, Spiritual & Shamanic Rituals, Full Moon Ceremonies, and I have lead and participated in healing groups worldwide.

From a young age I could sense things, and was able to channel messages and energy. At 18, I fully discovered my inner gifts. I was driving down the West Coast of South Africa, listening to music and enjoying the magical stillness of the early morning, when out of nowhere pure divine light energy came pouring through my crown, causing me to cry tears of joy, and my hands were shaking from the high vibration. I sent this energy out to earth and the drivers passing. It was such a strong current of light, that I felt a shift in my whole body. At this time of my life, I was working in a small restaurant where more spiritual experiences followed. After the channeling of Light, I started channeling all the time.

One afternoon while reading a book, my eyes began playing tricks on me, so I went to the Optometrist. On finding out I had perfect vision, I booked an appointment with a chiropractic doctor who I knew. He told me that the colours and lights that I was seeing were auras. At the restaurant, a customer approached me and said that I am a healer, a psychic and have come down to earth to help with Ascension. The lady explained that I have the same gift as her and that I have over 120 Angels working with me.

Since I first realised my gifts, I have healed and helped many people worldwide, both with hands on and long distance healing, including the Royal Family of Morocco, celebrities and even the skeptics.

I have written my own manuals for Reiki First Degree, Second Degree and an all encompassing Reiki Master 3A which includes holistic healing tools and techniques.

Empowering others to be healers is my passion, and I work with the angels and beings of light when teaching the wisdom of Reiki.

I am a dedicated, compassionate practitioner and teacher, and I love to share and remind everyone that these gifts are within us all! I am here to help you to find your inner light, truth and happiness.

My husband and I have found a magical place in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua – Hotel Brio. We have traveled to many places to find this one. Here I offer Reiki healing treatments, teach Reiki courses, run Chakra workshops, lead group meditations, and plan to offer more. Watch this space for more information on upcoming retreats, workshops and courses.

Come relax, heal and reconnect!


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Natalie as a Healer

Kelly Maxwell - Mathematics Teacher
Natalie’s gift in life is to heal others. She could deeply connect to my body through reiki and feel where my blockages were. Once released I felt like a different person and my body felt in-tune. I deeply thank her for this.
Margaret Merrison, SW England - Teacher
Natalie has a wonderful vibrant energy that raises the vibrations of those around her. I know she will bring this energy into her workshops and because of this they will be very special.
Christa De Ruijter, Stewardess
I met Natalie in Costa Rica – PURA VIDA – (pure life) could be totally a name for this amazing, sparkling woman! She is shining when you walk into a room, and her energy is shooting like fireworks, like you have never felt or seen before.
what is


Reiki has existed since the creation of the Universe. It is encoded into the makeup of every living thing.  It is the universal energy that flows through us all. We are all born with the wisdom to heal and many of us feel a deep calling to deepen this awareness and connection.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) healing is an ancient healing that was rediscovered in the late 1800’s by a Japanese Buddhist, named Dr Mikao Usui. The Usui system of Reiki is a very powerful healing technique. Someone who has studied and been attuned to Reiki channels the energy through their crown, through their heart and out of their hands. The Reiki practitioner places their hands onto the recipient, or in their aura, and the healing energy flows. Reiki does not hurt, but a recipient may feel physical, mental, emotional or spiritual changes and growth as the healing takes place.